The purpose of this blog site is to provide informative reviews of entry level road bikes, from a budget minded, yet performance orientated perspective.

It’s our view that far too often, ‘bike snobbery’ distorts an objective view of the worth & wisdom of choosing lesser priced road bikes that in many cases, are the near or full functional equal of their LBS (local bike shop) purchased brethren !

So, this forum will be our way of communicating the features & benefits, pros & cons of any Road Bikes, sold by big box stores (Walmart, Target, Sears, etc) or from Online Retailers.

We’ll draw the line  at bikes that are priced at or under $ 1000. Why this number ? 

In most Local Bike Shops, the majority of Road Bikes offered are well above this $ 1000 mark, many in the $ 2,000 – $ 4,000 range, even higher occasionally.

So it makes perfect logical sense to review the bikes that are sold without the support inherent of the ‘Bike Shop / Major Manufacturers’ industry paradigm.

(It’s probably pointless to ask who ‘fixed it’, my guess is consensus & economic reality – as long as that decision is voluntary, I don’t really care – we’ll just operate outside the ‘bicycle industry’s shared assumptions & conclusions’.)

Then, in deciding to purchase a bike from either mass market stores or Online suppliers (,,, etc), the consumer is frequently left with little guidance and less mechanical support. 

Certainly those with large families (and thus several children to purchase  bikes for) are doubly in need of obtaining quality bikes at a price which they can afford.

(Ask the author of this Blog how he knows this first hand !!)

Our hope is that this blog can help ‘bridge the gap’ so that more support is available to those who choose this route.

Most of the road bikes sold in these ‘non-LBS’ venues, will meet the ‘under $ 1000′ price window.

What about vintage bikes ?  Yes, let’s include them, especially considering most of them can be obtained at a very ‘under $ 1,000 price’.

One final note: 

Please don’t let this perspective we offer be misunderstood to convey a derisive attitude towards any Local Bike Shops you may have in your local area. 

We are actually, strong supporters of our Local Bike Shop, in many ways: Those key Accessories that are needed suddenly, and expert mechanical advice & repairs.  Just because we lack income to buy their most expensive models for every bike need our family has, doesn’t mean we don’t frequent & support them by our occasional purchases & needed repairs.

Please contact us with any suggestions about what bikes to review.

If you’re a retailer of bikes online & would like us to review one of your bikes, please contact us for more information about this possibility.

Let the reviews begin…..cheers, David Alan in Texas