The Schwinn Varsity Carbon Men's Road Bike frame is made of an aluminum carbon composite (ACC) construction for superior strength.


This is my initial “first impressions” review.

[Later my son will write a more full featured review – his testing is ongoing as of January 1, 2012 !]

I bought this road bike for my son for Christmas, and I’ve unpacked, adjusted & given it a ‘shakedown’ 10 mile ride. I have ridden road bikes for years, have an Italian ‘old school’ road bike – Benotto Mod 850, and this bike compares favorably.

Very good value for the modest $ 330 price.

Keep in mind, the bike frame is actually Aluminum, with a carbon fiber wrap (ACC – aluminum carbon composite), not pure carbon fiber – just to be clear. (You’d have to add a thousand to the price for that !)

It features the Shimano STI brake lever shifters, which are easy & intuitive to operate – allowing the rider to change gears while leaving hands on bars & brake hood levers – improving bith shifting easy & safety.

The bike is beautifully finished – and weighs about 24-25 #, not the lightest of bikes – but not the heaviest, either.

It rides on deep V style aero double wall rims – tires are 700x25c.

The rim would accomidate the narrower 23c/23mm tires, which would offer increased performance.

He gets the bike for a Christmas gift tomorrow – Dec 25, 2011, so we’ll post an update a bit later.

He’s riding that old Benotto bike – which weighs 26 #, (so this Schwinn is a bit lighter), and is easily keeping up with the local ‘old guy’ riders on their sub 20#, $ 3000 + Trek, Giant or Specialized carbon fiber ‘wonder bikes’.

(The “wonder” part must be the emotion it induces in those observing those willing to pay $ 3,000 for a bicycle !)

I trust that in a very short while, we’ll be able to give a more substantive description of how this rides & performs, as my son will pound this Schwinn Varsity CF as has hard as possible – both on our club rides & also as he’s starting to ride Criterium races and some longer road races as well.

Yes, it’s a few pounds ‘too heavy’ for an ‘ultimate racer’, but it sure seems an ideal ‘reasonable cost’ trainer and entry level racer.

In my opinion, it’s crazy to go out & spend $ 1,000 plus when one is not sure how much they’ll enjoy road riding / racing.

Ok, I’ll update this when we have more real world riding impressions. Thanks for reading !